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 FileCommander 5
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Дата: Mar 28 2007, 17:54 | xmass  
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Лицензия файла: Free
Версия: 5.0
File Size: 2.18 мегабайт
File Type: zip (application/zip)
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FileCommander 5 is a huge freeware file explorer. It is the latest version of the FileCommander-family. The known 2-window mode was expended to 4-window mode
feature list:
four operating windows for fast browsing
big file preview to have a quick view in almost every kind of file
ZIP, 7zip and RAR files are handled as folders, ZIP files are supported without the need of any external dll
no installation required, you can run FileCommander from USB-drives, hard disc drives, CD-ROMs, ...
internal tool list to have quick-access to every important software on your system
internal script engine: create your own script and individualize FileCommander for your needs
internal, self-written file copy engine for fast file operations.
fast file search for searching for any kind of file
lots of small file utilities (e.g. file splitting)
internal file context menu for having quick-access to every important FileCommander - feature
internal clipboard: the windows clipboard will not be overwritten by selecting and copying files to the clipboard
file highlighting to separate different file types optically
every file access is threaded, you can continue working while FileCommander processes the executed operations (I hate explorers, which hang up only because my CD-drive is spinning up)
Multi-language support (which finally works perfect)



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